2010 Tournament Schedule

There will be 10 teams (2 divisions of 5) this year; The tournament will go as follows:

  • 10 round robin games per division (total 20 round robin games)
  • 3 games Friday night at 7, 8 & 9pm - 13 games on Saturday and 4 on Sunday morning at 9:00am and 11:00am to complete the round robin.
  • Top 2 teams in each division advance
  • Final four play at the same time on both diamonds beginning at 1pm
  • Final game takes place at 3:30pm giving each team a small rest after their semi-final


Group A Group B
Carp I4C Victory Quyon COMBAT Flyers
Fitzroy Harbour WC Electric Barrhaven Broadway Blues
Team Quebec Donnacona Blue Sox
Robuck Juniors Napanee Intermediates
Kars Aces Ottawa Blitz


Times may vary according to weather

Diamond 1 Diamond 2
7:00 pm Kars vs. Robuck 8:00 pm Quyon vs. Barrhaven
9:00 pm Carp vs. Fitzroy
9:00 am Napanee vs. Blitz 10:00 am Donnacona vs. Barrhaven
11:00 am Fitzroy vs. Quebec 12:00 pm Carp vs. Robuck
1:00 pm Quyon vs. Napanee 2pm Donnacona vs. Blitz
3:00 pm Quebec vs. Kars 4:00 pm Robuck vs. Fitzroy
5:00 pm Blitz vs. Quyon 6:00 pm Carp vs. Kars
7:00 pm Napanee vs. Barrhaven 8:00 pm Donnacona vs. Quyon
9:00 pm Carp vs. Quebec
9:00 am Fitzroy vs. Kars 9:00 am Robuck vs. Quebec
11:00 am Barrhaven vs. Blitz 11:00 am Donnacona vs. Napanee
1:00 pm Winner of A vs. 2nd place B 1:00 pm Winner of B vs. 2nd place A
3:30pm FINALS


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