2013 Tournament Schedule

There will be 12 teams this year, split into 3 Divisions.

The top 2 teams in each division (6 total teams) will advance to the Quarter-finals on Sunday (Tie Breaker Rules will be used to determine top 2 seeds). From the remaining 6 teams not advancing, 2 "Wild Card" teams will advance as well (also selected using the Tie Breaker Rules).

The 8 teams that do advance to the Quarter-finals will then be re-seeded (Tie Breaker Rules apply).

After the conclusion of the Quarter finals, there will be a short break to allow the teams that played at 11pm a rest. During this break there will be a short home run derby. Each team can enter one player only into the contest. Details on the derby to follow.

The 4 winning teams that advance to the Semi-finals will then be re-seed #1 vs #4 and #2 vs. #3 (Tie Breaker Rules apply).

The Winners of the Semi-Finals move on to the Finals.


Pool A
Fitzroy Harbour, ON West Carleton Electric Micksburg, ON Twins
Carp, ON I4C Victory Napanee, ON Express (Juniors)
Pool B
Stittsville, ON 56ers Manotick, ON Taylor's Blitz
Elkland, PA Thunderbellys Donnacona, QC Blue Sox
Pool C
Kars, ON Aces Barrhaven, ON Broadway Blues
Napanee, ON Express (Seniors) Sharon, ON Lake Simcoe Lightning


Times may vary according to weather [Download/Print Schedule (pdf)]

Diamond 1 Diamond 2
7:00 pm Stittsville vs. Blitz (Pool B) 7:00 pm Barrhaven vs. Kars (Pool C)
9:00 pm Carp vs. Micksburg (Pool A) 9:00 pm Fitzroy vs. Napanee Jr. (Pool A)
9:00 am Napanee Sr. vs. Lake Simcoe (Pool C) 8:00 am Donnaconna vs. Elkland (Pool B)
11:00 am Napanee Jr. vs. Micksburg (Pool A) 10:00 pm Fitzroy vs. Carp (Pool A)
1:00 pm Barrhaven vs. Napanee Sr. (Pool C) 12:00pm Stittsville vs. Donnaconna (Pool B)
3:00 pm Carp vs. Napanee Jr. (Pool A) 2:00 pm Blitz vs. Elkland (Pool B)
5:00 pm Napanee Sr. vs. Kars (Pool C) 4:00 pm Barrhaven vs. Lake Simcoe (Pool C)
7:00 pm Blitz vs. Donnaconna (Pool B) 6:00 pm Elkland vs. Stittsville (Pool B)
9:00 pm Kars vs. Lake Simcoe (Pool C) 8:00 pm Fitzroy vs. Micksburg (Pool A)
Quarter-Finals (Teams Re-Seed)
9:00 am Seed #1 vs. Seed #8 9:00 am Seed #2 vs. Seed #7
11:00 am Seed #3 vs. Seed #6 11:00 am Seed #4 vs. Seed #5
Home Run Derby
1:00 pm New This Year Broker4Tickets.com Home Run Derby
Semi-Finals (Teams Re-Seed)
1:30 pm Seed #1 vs. Seed #4 1:30 pm Seed #2 vs. Seed #3
3:30pm Winner of Semi-Final #1 vs. Winner of Semi-Final #2

Tie Breakers Rules

For the purpose of "seeding" teams, a tie in standings between two teams will be resolved by, in this order:

  1. Points
  2. Wins
  3. Head to Head
  4. Plus / Minus
  5. Runs Against
  6. Coin Flip


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